Get the opportunity to visit a Japanese home and take part in a traditional way of life.

I am Eika Furudate and I am a teacher of Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement). I teach this traditional art form at my home. It is a wonderful experience for everyone. I would like to offer the opportunity to visitors to Japan to experience this craft and home life. So, I want to introduce to you my plan of a one day homestay. This is a full day about 7 hours! Ikebana and Japanese cooking. We will meet at JR Otsuka Station Yamanote Line (south exit) at 10 am and conclude at 5pm.
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Eika's Diary

1 Go to cafe and exchange greetings and learn about the days plan.
2 If you would like, we can go to a local Shrine and learn the customs.
3 Go to a the local market and buy groceries for our lunch.
4 Learn and partake in the preparation of our meal.
5 Table settings. Traditional way of setting the table for a meal.
6 Table manners. How to use chopsticks and taboos.
7 Lunch time!
8 Clean up.
9 Tea time. Coffee, tea or Japanese green tea.
10 Ikebana experience. Explanation of flowers and history. Hands on experience and photograph time (bring your camera). (1.5 hours)
11 Closing.
12 Return to Otsuka Station.
During this 7 hour experience you can richly understand the traditional way of Japanese life. After class you can take the flowers and chopsticks with you. Ikebana class is about 1 hour and a half. If there are certain foods you can't eat, please inform me in advance. I want to recommend this wonderful opportunity to the person who is studying Japanese, exchange student, a person who is visiting Japan briefly but wants to have many experiences and wants to enjoy Japanese life, to come and share this unique one day homestay program. Please feel free to call and ask any questions. English is spoken.
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.