Eika Furudate Ikebana Classes
Nice to meet you. Welcome to my homepage. I'm Eika Furudate. I teach the Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement. It's called Ikebana in Japanese.

Western style of flower arrangement focuses on asymetrical style of display whereas Japanese Ikebana focuses on an unbalanced or asymmetrical flow to the flower display.

In my Ikebana display there is a yin-yang kind of balance where one area is busy and another is quiet.

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To Eika's Diary

Each person is like a flower
Unique and special is it's own way.
Let your creativity express that one of a kind being that you are.
To express yourself you need a foundation to build upon, so if you study step by step you can gradually increase your ability to achieve this skill.
In this fourm your age, sex, nationality and occupation are left at the door.
They are unimportant in tapping into your creative self. So let's take pleasure in learning Ikebana.
Doing Ikebana is a wonderful technique to let go of the stressful woes of everyday life while finding the innner peace. In it's own way, it's a kind of meditation and calming of the mind and spirit.
Take 90 minutes a week to center yourself in the busy metropolis.
This is a premisis that is found in Tea ceremony. It translates to mean: "Trasure every encounter for it will never recur"
And this philosophy is adapted when handling the flowers. Each one is special and has a uniquiness that is not found in another.
Man's encounter with each other is fate and so is the destiny between florist and the flower.


  1) Explanation of flowers
  2) Today's theme
  3) Hands on experience
  4) Feedback and commentary
  5) Make notes and sketches
  6) Time for photographs
* If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


Classes are ...

7 : 00 pm 〜 8 : 30 pm
Wednesday & Friday

Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku
  1)Shin-Otsuka, marunouchi-line 1stop from Ikebukuro
7 stops from Tokyo station
8 min-walk
  2) Higashi Ikebukuro, Yurakucho-line 1 stop from Ikebukuro
10 min-walk
  3) JR Otsuka, Yamanote-line 1 stop from Ikebukuro
15 min-walk
  4) Higashi Ikebukuro - 4 - chome,
Toden Arakawa-line ( The street car / tram )
10 min-walk

Trial lesson is available.
* One week advance booking is needed to order flowers.
Home private lessons are available.

If you have any questions, please click HERE and mail me.